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Spring Branch American Pitch Count Report

2018 Season Stats for All Pitchers


Pitcher guidelines Minimize

Game pitch count limits:

Age 13-16    95 pitches per day

Age 11-12    85 pitches per day

Age 9-10      75 pitches per day

Age 7-8        65 pitches per day


66 or more    4 days rest

51-65            3 days rest

36-50           2 days rest

21-35          1 day rest

0-20            0 day rest

***Note - See rule book for complete pitching rules, pg 40 section VI .C and D****


Rangers Minor Division Minimize
Game DateJersey NumberPitcher NamePitch CountNext Date Available
4/28/20186Caleb Lizcano425/1/2018
4/28/20182Bryce Hamilton575/2/2018
5/2/20186Caleb Lizcano375/5/2018
5/2/20182Bryce Hamilton255/4/2018
5/5/20186Caleb Lizcano605/9/2018
5/5/20182Bryce Hamilton425/8/2018
5/12/20186Caleb Lizcano585/16/2018
5/12/20182Bryce Hamilton255/14/2018
5/16/20186Caleb Lizcano465/19/2018
5/16/20182Bryce Hamilton355/18/2018

Cubs Minor Division Minimize
Game DateJersey NumberPitcher NamePitch CountNext Date Available
4/28/20182Kamrin Rodriguez665/3/2018
5/2/20184Jack Ward195/3/2018
5/2/20181Jude Tobin485/5/2018
5/2/20183Kris Rodriguez345/4/2018
5/5/20183Kris Rodriguez735/10/2018
5/5/20181Jude Tobin135/6/2018
5/9/20182Kamrin Rodriguez685/12/2018
5/12/20183Kris Rodriguez525/16/2018
5/12/20182Kamrin Rodriguez255/14/2018
5/16/20182Kamrin Rodriguez375/19/2018
5/16/20181Jude Tobin135/17/2018
5/16/20183Kris Rodriguez185/17/2018
5/19/20182Kamrin Rodriguez405/22/2018
5/19/20183Kris Rodriguez285/21/2018
5/19/20181Jude Tobin285/21/2018

Astros Minor Division Minimize
Game DateJersey NumberPitcher namePitch CountNext Date Available
4/28/20181Yarel Delgado715/3/2018
4/28/20186Aiden Martinez284/30/2018
5/2/20186Aiden Martinez655/6/2018
5/5/20181Yarel Delgado265/7/2018
5/5/201810Jacob Soria615/9/2018
5/9/20186Aiden Martinez585/12/2018
5/9/20181Yarel Delgado125/10/2018
5/9/20182Jaelin Bargas295/11/2018
5/12/20186Aiden Martinez525/16/2018
5/12/201810Jacob Soria185/13/2018
5/12/20181Jaelin Bargas25/13/2018
5/16/201810Jacob Soria855/21/2018
5/16/20181Yarel Delgado175/17/2018
5/23/201810Jacob Soria705/28/2018
5/23/20186Aiden Martinez365/26/2018
5/23/20183Austin Barnett225/25/2018

A's Minor Division Minimize
Game DateJersey NumberPitcher NamePitch CountNext Date Available
4/28/20186Zach Barbier555/2/2018
4/28/20182Anthony Bejjani234/30/2018
5/2/20182Anthony Bejjani415/5/2018
5/2/20183Keegan Reed275/4/2018
5/5/20182Anthony Bejjani665/10/2018
5/5/20186Zach Barbier435/8/2018
5/12/20182Anthony Bejjani615/16/2018
5/12/20186Zach Barbier155/13/2018
5/16/20182Anthony Bejjani755/21/2018
5/16/20186Zach Barbier225/18/2018
5/19/20186Zach Barbier625/23/2018
5/19/20183Keegan Reed405/22/2018
5/23/20182Anthony Bejjani755/28/2018
5/23/20186Zach Barbier35/24/2018

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