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Ground Rules

Spring Branch American Little League

2012 Season

 General Rules

 The official regulations and playing rules of Little League is the primary sources of all judgments. General rules adopted by the league for baseball is:


Meetings: Meetings shall be limited to four meetings per week. Any meeting of (3) or more members of the team for instructions of any nature with the manager or coach shall constitute a practice. Sunday practices at all levels are forbidden, except Junior League Baseball. Absolutely no unauthorized practice on the fields.

Rain-outs in all divisions will be played in the same sequence that they occur on the first open date and time, including Saturdays. No agreements by coaches altering this rule or exceptions will be allowed. When necessary, Sunday games will be scheduled for rain-outs, but only with permission from the District Administrator.

All protests must be written and, in addition to meeting the requirements of Rule 4.19(a-f), shall be accompanied by a ten ($10.00) check delivered to the League President within twenty-four (24) hours of the completion of the game. The ten ($10.00) check will be returned if the protest is upheld and the game will be played in accordance with the rain out rule set out above. General and Special Rules of the league and judgment calls of the umpire cannot be protested.

All games will be played according to the time limits for each division as set out in the respective Special Rules.

Forfeitures: The board will maintain a strict policy on forfeitures. Only a recognized school activity or church function will be considered for rescheduling of games. Documentation of school activity must accompany any request for rescheduling  with a minimum of one-week notice to the appropriate director in writing or phone  call and the Directors decision is not appeal able to the Board of Directors.

Games times will start at there designated times. If a team does not have a legal line  up by 10 minutes after start time said team will forfeit game. Eight (8) players  constitutes a legal line up. If a second scheduled game is delayed due to the first game  run-over, starting time will be ten (10) minutes after the completion of the first game.No infield practiced for the second game will be allowed unless approved by the Director or Umpire-in-chief.

The home team will occupy the third base dugout. Visitors will occupy the first base  dugout.

Home teams will be responsible for making the field ready for play before each game. The home team has the right to the field up to twenty (20) minutes before game time. At that point the visitors have the right to the field up to ten (10) minutes before game  time. Both teams are to rake the field and pitchers mound after the game.

No Fungo bats, weights or donuts are allowed on the field.

Any player, manager or coach who is ejected from a game by an umpire must leave the League property immediately and is suspended for the next following game and must appear before the Board of Directors before participation of any game there after. Any  individual who does appear in a game without appearing in front of the Board shall be  deemed an ineligible or illegal player, thus subjecting his team to the penalties provided  in the appropriate Little League rule book.

Any spectator who is ejected from a game by an umpire must leave the League property immediately and must appear before the Board of Directors before attending a game on League property.

No food shall be allowed in the dugout, bullpens or on the playing fields. Managers, coaches and players are not to be out of the dugouts during games without permission from an umpire and that is for an emergency or the restroom only.

Per Little League rules all players are to be reminded that no jewelry is to be worn  during practices or a game. Directors and umpires are instructed to enforce this rule.

Per Little League rules any form of tobacco product is prohibited in the playing areas.

 Bats must have Little League Approved written on them, and they must meet Little  League standards.

Per Little League rules only approved manufactured helmets may be painted or have decals on them.

Tie games will be considered complete games.


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