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 Major League

Ground Rules 2012

 Major League shall be governed by Little League Rules and Little League Ground Rules except for the following approved local rules.

1. All players must bat once and play six (6) consecutive defensive outs in the game. PENALTY: The player(s) involved shall start the next scheduled game and play no less than the mandatory time required plus the play time missed in the original game before being eligible to be removed from the game.

2. All games will play six innings, unless run rule comes into effect (10 after four inning, 8 after 5 innings.)

3.Loss of player: After three (3) consecutive absences from games, the team manager shall immediately notify the player agent. Failure to notify the player agent shall subject the team, its manager and coaches to such discipline as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, including but not limited to removal from further managerial or coaching duties. Once notified the player agent shall contact the parents of the player involved.

4.Replacement of a player shall be governed by the following:

a.Once the player agent confers with the player’s parents, the manger shall be notified by the player agent if an opening has been declared on the team. The manager has four (4) days from that date of notice to submit to the player agent the name of the selected replacement. The player agent will then make the appropriate contact.

b.The player will have twenty-four (24) hours to decide.

c.If a player rejects the request, the manager shall then have two (2) days from such notice to submit the name of an alternate choice. This procedure applies continuously until a replacement is found.

d. If a manager does not submit a name within the initial four (4) days or subsequent two- (2) day period, then the player agent will immediately designate a player to be moved up.

e.Neither the manager, his coaches, team mother or parent, etc. may contact the prospective league player agent or minor league manager or coach of such player until after the player agent has notified the manager regarding acceptance of the call-up. If a player rejects a call-up he is not to be contacted by anyone regarding his rejection. Any violation of this rule shall subject the offending party to such discipline as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

5.Team rosters shall consist of twelve players.

6. Major League Tournament Team Manager will be determined by the Manager of the Little League Major Division Champion. Manager will determine the coaches, which will be approved by the board.

7.No headfirst sliding period. Runner is out

8.No on deck batting.

9. Absolutely no fake bunting Batter will be called out and runners will go back to their original base.


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