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Spring Branch American Little League


Minor Division

Ground Rules 2023


Minor League shall be governed by Little League Rules and the General Ground Rules except for the following approved rules:

1. All Minor League players must attend tryouts each year to play with Spring Branch American Little League unless otherwise accepted into the League by the Board of Directors.

2. All minor league teams will be drafted after the Major/Intermediate draft.

3. The penalty for a minor league player refusing to play on a major/intermediate team league team (Rule VIII, Minor Leagues of the Little League Rule Book) Said player is frozen in the minors for the remainder of the season.

4. The player agent will determine team roster size.

5. Vacancies shall be filled from the player agent’s list of late registrants.

6. Any manager or coach who violates or encourages violation of any of the special Rules, including but not limited to rule (D) 5, shall be subject to such discipline, including removal, as determined by the Board of Directors.

7. The number of managers or coaches in the dugout will be three.

8. All players must bat once and play 3 consecutive defensive outs in the game. PENALTY: The player(s) involved shall start the next scheduled game and play no less than the mandatory time required plus the play time missed in the original game before being eligible to be removed from the game.

9. No on deck batting (Players are not allowed to handle bats until their time to bat.)

10. No headfirst sliding period. Runner is out.

11. No fake bunting, but bunting is strongly encouraged.

12. Twelve-year-olds are not allowed to pitch.

13. Balks will not be called, but it is suggested that a balk should be brought to the manager’s attention to assist the player in his future play and development.

14. Five run rule limit per inning. (When the total runs scored as a result of an over the fence Home Run exceeds the five run limit, all runs will count with the maximum of eight runs.).

15.No inning will start after one hour thirty minutes from scheduled start time. If an inning is in progress, it will be completed.

16. An official game is two innings or one and one-half innings if the home team is ahead.

17. The 10 or 11-Year-old All Star Team Manager will be the winner of the Minor League division tournament.


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